John Rickards junior – the son of a convict and soldier

A conversation with someone who had found this blog alerted me to an error I had made regarding John’s parentage. I had surmised, as I could not find a birth record, that John Rickards was the father of John and that John junior had not been registered because he was illegitimate.  However, the name of the father I had assumed was discovered to be incorrect as Sarah had a son called John Ovens in 1812. This error has emphasised to me, even more strongly than previously, the need to check and re-check information and not to make ANY assumptions at all unless they can be verified through original sources when possible.

John Rickards junior was raised as John Rickards’ own son and educated and supported by both his parents. John senior and Sarah amassed a fortune once they were emancipated. His parents returned to live in England where they both died, but John remained in Australia.  However, he did not have the success that his parents enjoyed, losing his fortune and dying at a relatively young age. The story of John Rickards junior can be found on the People page with information about John Ovens, his biological father.

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