Welcome to the blog for the Wood/O’Neill family history. This blog is an addition to the main family history site at www.learnsource.com.au (just select Back to Main Site in the menu bar).  Members of the Wood/Phillips and O’Neill/Ruddell families came to (mainly) Queensland in Australia during the 1880s – some even earlier in the case of the Phillips family who originally settled in Paterson, New South Wales. However, as with most family stories, their origins are to be found in England, Scotland, Ireland and elsewhere.

As I researched the various families, I found so much interesting information about people who are not directly related and others who were the skeletons in the family closet. There is the convict who made good, the bounder who abandoned his wife after a month of marriage, the other bounder who supposedly ran off with his children’s governess, the New Zealand politician who named his children after his nearest and dearest relatives and so many more.

This blog is where I will share what I’ve found. I hope you find it interesting and would love to hear from you if you find a long lost relative or have information you would like to share. If you do use any information on this blog (or the web site), please acknowledge the site. Comments have been disabled to reduce spam.  Please use the Contact Us form if you have any queries or information to add.

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