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Welcome to the web site for the Wood/Phillips and O'Neill/Ruddell families. Members of these families came to (mainly) Queensland in Australia during the 1880s - some even earlier in the case of the Phillips family who originally settled in Paterson, New South Wales.

This site is the outcome of a number of years researching the families and finding a whole swag of cousins and other relatives. Over the years, family members have investigated, foraged and collected documentation, photos and miscellaneous information to build up the story about the Wood and Phillips families from Bundaberg and its surrounds. I have also focused on the O'Neill and Ruddell families - the Ruddells from Bundaberg and Mackay and the O'Neill family from the Mackay region. Eventually, I hope to have them all available on this web site.

If you have any information about any of the family members you find on this web site, please contact me. Old family photos would also be greatly appreciated. My family information is freely shared. However, if you do copy information and/or other items from the site, I would appreciate it if you acknowledged the source of your information. Also, please contact me if you want to ADD someone or if you find any ERRORS in the information on the site.

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